Wow, what a week! We are in a global pandemic that’s got most things shut down for the time being and we don’t know how long it will be like this. Might I suggest checking out a web application I made? I’m pretty proud of it; it’s only been two months since I started bootcamp […]

“Rope Mothers” and Weaving as Rocket Science

Have you ever heard of “core rope memory”? WELL. Ever since my junior year at The Evergreen State College in 2014-15, I’ve been pretty obsessed with the “software as hardware” idea. For example, weaving as binary code/early computer, and “core rope memory,” a type of computer programming that acted as the read-only memory for Apollo […]

Horse Girl

Hello! This is my first Warm Shape blog post. I’ve heard that when you are going through coding bootcamp it’s a good idea to blog in order to reinforce what you’re learning, so here I am! Very excited to be starting this path. It’s super challenging and frustrating, and I’ve definitely been near tears during […]