This moment in United States’ history is POTENT and it is the most important thing to be focusing on from now until policies are changed and black people can feel safe and cared for. There can be no separation between our careers, our creative pursuits, and what is going on in this world. Each project, each word should be directed toward justice and reparations. I don’t know how to do that, but I am going to figure it out. If you want to work with me on something, let’s talk. I have put together a portfolio, it can be viewed at https://linus41.github.io/Personal-Portfolio/.

I am also dabbling in digital illustration, here are my first attempts. Hoping to get a new application that has a good blending tool for faces, right now it’s pretty chunky and awkward.

Self-Portrait done with Apple Pencil and iPad
“Witch and Bitch”

I am almost finished with coding school and am already threading into my skill set web design and digital illustration. What I want to do with these tools is to make websites that are weird, colorful, and “maximal”; to use my love of pattern, ornament, color, and texture to override the flatness of the digital world–to integrate the material with the immateriality of the web. To weave the web in a more tangible and enriching way?

I am SO DONE with minimalism and its boring, paternal, privileged, and white supremacist roots. Who’s gonna work with me on this?


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