I spent the morning working with an API called Hexbot, which contains all 16,777,218 hex color codes between #000000 and #FFFFFF. I am very new to APIs but color is my jam, so I thought it would be fun to try to render random color blocks in the browser on a button click. Although everything was logging to the console just fine, it took me all night and all morning to get them to display, and when they did I practically screamed with joy. I am now four times more excited to be a computer programmer! Here’s a vid of what my application does:


Here’s the repo for this project if you’d like to see it:

Ahree Lee Article img

This is Ahree Lee. Her work is exciting to me; it explores the relationships between weaving, binary code, secret code, women’s labor, and domestic duty. Stuff I started really exploring in college.

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For the whole article on the work of Ahree Lee, click here.

Linus's weaving loom
My sweet dog, Lady, and my old Swedish loom

There is a global pandemic in its nascent stages in the US, and we are advised to stay at home. This is a sad state of affairs for many people. I’ve always enjoyed being at home and though I don’t like the circumstances, I do love being here and having time and space to work on things that I’d forgotten about or didn’t think I had time for. I’m thrilled to devote some time and attention to weaving again, and I got out my new, unopened gouache paints set and studied the color chart along with its “key codes.” I drank a lot of coffee this morning and got excited by the way my hexbot color generator, the color coding chart, and the weaving (binary code) all work together. Color is one of the most amazing things our reality has to offer. Ubiquitous and free for everyone with sight. Often times I think it might be what I’m living for?

Key to Coding Chart
Key to Coding/Codes
Color Chart from Gouache Set
Color Chart from Gouache Set

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